Student Services

Jung Tao School (JTS) provides all students with the following services as part of their enrollment.


All students are provided with a JTS email address which is forwarded to their personal email of choice.  Each class also has a blanket email to allow for communication to all members at once.  Mass emails that come into the system are vetted by the IT person to attempt to prevent excessive spam or marketing attempts, but email between students, staff and faculty are forwarded without restraint.  Students are also given Moodle accounts that are used by instructors to provide communication, share information, and enhance homework assignments.  JTS uses an educational management system, Populi, and students are given accounts they can use to check their progress throughout the year.  Students are also provided a physical mailbox in the break room that they should check each session.  The school will communicate weather forced changes in the schedule or any disruptive event to the students via email and on our website.

Disability Services

JTS has a history of accommodating disabilities and wants to ensure that all students are aware that they can request accommodations. Students can review the process and apply for accommodations by accessing the Request for Accommodation Form.

JTS Disability Accommodation Request Form

Requesting a Reasonable Accomodation from a School DRNC

Career Development

The college offers courses in practice management and marketing to help students become successful practitioners. Clinical interns are also required to complete a marketing project to provide them a chance to experience application of some of the skills taught in the classroom. 

Registration and Transcripts

The Registrar’s Office provides service regarding course registration, grade reporting, and transcript requests and is guided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in managing student information.

Health Services

All students are encouraged to receive acupuncture treatments in the intern clinic which provides appointments during lunch hours and after classes. JTS believes that experiencing acupuncture enhances the educational process and provides students with valuable health care to assist them in meeting the rigors of condensed classwork.  Enrolled students receive treatments at a reduced student rate.



The library collections contain a broad selection of publications on Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and related topics. The collection includes texts, journals, and audio/visual aids. The library collection and journal databases can be searched online. The library and computer lounge provide wireless internet, copy and print services, and a library staff to assist you.  Students also have access to the library at Appalachian State University, with the use of their JTS ID card, and can avail themselves of all resources except for electronic devices and audiovisuals. 

Library Details

Student ID Cards

Each student is issued an identification card upon enrollment that is good for the four years they are involved in training. 

Student Representation

Each class elects a Student Representative to serve as a liaison between the class and the school administration. This allows common questions, concerns, and issues to be handled in an efficient manner.  Classes are also asked to conduct at least one class meeting in the spring of each year to provide administration feedback on a number of service areas.

Placement Assistance

The college receives notices regularly for professional opportunities.  Administration shares these with students via email or by posting the notice in the break room.   

Alumni Relations

The administration strives to keep graduates connected to each other and to the college, on both social and professional levels. Social media accounts have been created to facilitate this exchange.  Continuing education courses and social events invite graduates to return to the college and meet with faculty, other alumni, and students.