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The Intern Clinic 



About the Intern Clinic

The Jung Tao School Intern Clinic offers low cost acupuncture treatments to the public and school community. These treatments are performed by student interns in their fourth year of training, under the direct supervision of experienced licensed acupuncturists. Patients are seen with for a wide variety of conditions, including but not limited to: asthma, allergies, headaches, menstrual irregularities, infertility, mental and emotional disorders, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, fatigue, smoking cessation, and weight control.

The clinic is located on the Jung Tao School campus, on the first floor of the building. It occupies 4000 square feet and includes 6 treatment rooms, a large intern meeting room, an office, and a patient waiting area.


About the Clinical Training

The clinical training is the culmination of the entire Jung Tao experience. Here the student becomes a practitioner of the art of Chinese medicine, and synthesizes and applies the subtler aspects of patient interaction. Under the guidance of experienced practitioners, he/she begins by observing acupuncture procedures, and later caring for patients in the school’s intern clinic, taking full responsibility for all aspects of patient care and case management.

The main purpose of the clinical training is to effect a transfer of knowledge from theory learned in the classroom to the actual acquisition of skills in clinical acupuncture, with the ultimate goal being the attainment of professional competency by each student graduating from Jung Tao School. This transfer is accomplished by ensuring that each student receives a continuum of clinical experiences that correlate closely to the classroom and clinique experiences previously obtained. Students are exposed to a wide variety of patients and experiences to give them a solid foundation in the application of the principles and doctrines of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Prior to beginning internship, JTS students are required to complete three years of didactic study in Chinese medical theory, diagnosis and treatment, acupuncture point location, Western biomedical anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology, and professional ethics and practice management. Additionally, all interns have completed 210 hours of observation with licensed acupuncturists and senior students, and successfully passed a comprehensive clinical examination. This training ensures that students are prepared to undertake the responsibility of providing medical care to real patients. While practicing in the clinic, interns are held to the highest medical, educational, ethical standards, and are subjected to a stringent evaluatory process, to ensure that patients are receiving on the highest quality of care. Interns are required to complete 600 hours of clinical training before being eligible to graduate from Jung Tao School.