Taijiquan (previously spelled T'ai Chi' Ch'uan) is a form of physical movement which, when practiced daily, will synchronize the practitioner with their environment, resulting in relaxation, peace of mind and good health. Taijiquan was not invented, it was merely discovered - because taijiquan embodies the principles of the universe, it was already there. More than an adjunct to the study of Chinese medicine, taijiquan is a means of directly experiencing the very same principles from which Chinese medicine issues on a physical and emotional level. In essence, it is a portal to the mysterious.


What is Taijiquan?
by Barry Marshall

The Power of Yielding: Getting it Done by Not Doing It
by Fred Lehrman

Chang San-Feng's Essential Points

The Myth of Chang San-Feng and the Myth of Cheng Man-ching

Recommended Reading

Dao De Jing
translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English

The Way of Chuang Tzu
by Thomas Merton