Letter From the Founding President


There is a relationship that can be created in teaching that goes beyond mere education of the student. One that has nothing to do with credit hours, tuition, correct margins, or even good marks.

This relationship is not exclusive to Eastern culture. Although most frequently occurring in that domain, it is a feature attendant to any deep transmission of the ability to manifest art, knowledge, wisdom, and skill.

This quality cannot be affected nor feigned by student or teacher. It comes naturally out of the serious and sober realization of a necessity to preserve that which otherwise may be lost. I feel the true apprehension of Chinese medicine is only available through this relationship of “passing of the torch.”

It also comes from what is called the "participation mystique", that unspoken communication between mother and child, in their gaze, while nursing. It is curiously that very quality which reflects the timbre of the experience I have had with my own teachers who gave so freely and completely, not only to me, but to the future of this art. In that giving was the distinct quality of entrusting to another the care of a great treasure and the means to achieve the noble responsibility of its ancient-chartpreservation.

Chinese medicine is a vast and mysterious field of study. It is as esoteric as any philosophical system could be and, at the same time, as stringent a science as any modern intellectual discipline.

This program represents the culmination of 35 years of academic, clinical, and experiential work and acquisition. Its goal is to create an environment in which you can discover the heart of Chinese medicine for yourself.

Sean C. Marshall, D.Ac. 1948 - 2011